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Elevator rails will keep pace with the elevator market

Publisher:Xunda Rubber Plastic Release time:2019-5-17 ?Views:1052

According to the ratio of the solid guide rail in the total demand of the guide rail 80%, in 2012, the total demand for the world elevator guide blank will exceed 1.2 million tons, and the market demand in China will reach 880,000 tons. The demand for the guide rail blank is still large. As the basic component of the elevator system, the elevator guide rail will keep pace with the elevator market.

At present, domestic elevator guide blank enterprises use 650 or less rolling mills, generally 530 or 450 rolling mills, and are horizontal production lines, generally two sets of rolling mills. In order to solve the contradiction between the total amount and the straightness, the elevator guide blank enterprises with capital conditions will add more than one rolling mill, and the current multi-roll reciprocating rolling will be changed to multi-roll linear alignment rolling to form semi-continuous rolling or full-linking. Rolled professional elevator guide blank production line.

The elevator industry is developing rapidly, and elevator products are constantly being introduced: new types of new concept products such as residential elevators, machine room elevators, hydraulic elevators, special elevators, double-deck elevators, spiral escalators, variable frequency speed escalators, and high-speed elevators. . Regardless of how the elevator products change, as long as the T-shaped elevator guide blank is used, its shape is generally unchanged, and the product development is relatively stable. However, if the user puts specific requirements on the shape of the elevator guide blank, the leading companies in the industry also have the ability to design and produce products that meet customer requirements according to specific requirements.